ADVISORY ENDED (7/4/2015, 10:34am)
As of 10:34 am on Saturday the Village has ended the boil water advisory. Third test results confirmed the water is healthy for consumption and free of bacteria. Residents may return to normal usage.  
Water Advisory Update (7/3/2015, 6:25pm)
As of 6:00 pm Friday evening, the Village Water Department has confirmed two sets of water samples taken at different times yesterday came back testing negative for bacteria. While this is very good news, we are required by Department of Health to receive confirmation from a third test tomorrow morning before the boil water advisory can be lifted. Please continue to avoid consuming unboiled water until we officially end the advisory. We will continue to keep the public informed. We appreciate your patience and diligence.
Water Advisory (7/3/2015, 9:00am)
On Thursday July 2nd in the late afternoon, the Village of Goshen Water Department was informed that water samples from the Village had demonstrated the presence of E. Coli. These test results do not necessarily mean that the water contains E. Coli, but because of the potential of it existing the Department of Heath requires a boil water advisory to be initiated.

This advisory must be in effect until it is clear the water is safe. In order for this to be lifted further testing must show clean samples. This lab work requires 24 hours. The Village immediately performed new testing and took the CRV Well offline. Local media was notified, employees went door to door to local restaurants, and additional employees were called back to work and began passing flyers door-to-door to residences. After 10 pm employees had to cease door to door but efforts began again after 7:00 am Friday morning.

Testing results will be back Friday evening and this will determine the future length of the advisory. The Village will keep the public informed through the Village website, calling the Water Department at (845)294-5991 and/or Police at (845)294-7988, and the Village of Goshen Facebook page.

Additional information on E Coli can be found at the Environmental Protection Agency website:

This situation has highlighted the need for greater notification ability for the Village. The Board of Trustees will allocate up to $5,000 for an automated call/email/text message notification system.


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